Something to Write Home About

These responses are taken from five different locations around the city, and I’m still figuring out how I want the physical aspects of these responses to look/feel. I started with colored post-card sized paper. I left them, along with some pens in a water-proof pencil bag hanging from the boxes. A lot of them got warped with water or loved in other ways. The responses were brief, and some were profound or lovely. And all the more because of their brevity. I did wonder if the post-card size was, for any of the participants, a limitation/barrier to a story or deeper reflection.

For this reason, I am slowly transitioning to letting these boxes function a lot more like mailboxes (the person will supply the writing material) until I can figure out the paper situation. (Not pictured: a response to “What is Home”… a tiny house smashed like a Jackolantern). (Also: to the people with the responses “Home is where your dad checks the mail in his underwear, “Home is aesthetic,” and “Home is where the heart is…don’t everyone know that”…I cannot find y’alls prompts. But I loved them).

scan-3.pngScan 15Scan 8.2Scan 21Scan 8Scan 31scan-1.pngScan 20Scan 18.2Scan 19Scan 19.2Scan 40Scan 16.2Scan 40.2Scan 17.2Scan 18scan-5.pngScan 12.2Scan 27Scan 21.2Scan 15.2Scan 36.3Scan 28Scan 31.2Scan 10Scan 15.3Scan 14Scan 12Scan 35.2scan-22.pngScan 32Scan 39img20190329_17562735 copyScan 39.2Scan 6Scan 7Scan 41.2Scan 26.2Scan 28.2Scan 6.2Scan 36.2Scan.2Scan 34Scan 16Scan 33Scan 37.3Scan 13Scan 4Scan 9.2Scan 11.3Scan 1.2Scan 3.3Scan 2.2Scan 2Scan 29.2Scan 27.2Scan 29Scan 30Scan 13.2Scan 30.2Scan 21.3Scan 26Scan 17Scan 24Scan 23Scan 14.2Scan 11.2Scan 9Scan 5.2Scan 32.2Scan 25Scan 4.2Scan 38ScanScan 33.2Scan 41Scan 34.2Scan 11Scan 1.3






  1. hello! Today we leave a photo in one of your houses. Home is the place where we are togheter. Malala (42 years old)and Matilde (8 years old). Best regards


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